Protecting Your Diamonds From Switching and Damage

We’re announcing a new complimentary service to help our clients protect their jewelry investment.

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Because Atlas Jewelry Appraisals provides the area’s most comprehensive and detailed appraisals, we provide a free diamond analysis to our clients! Our detailed documentation enables us to inspect your jewelry and identify if your diamond has been damaged or you are a victim of diamond switching.

For fifteen years I have heard customers voice their concern about diamond switching. Our free diamond analysis is your solution to your piece of mind.

Here’s how it works: You have your jewelry appraised with me, and a month later you have your rings cleaned by an unfamiliar jewelry store; when you get your ring back, the diamond looks different! Call me and I will inspect your diamond and review the notes of the appraisal tell you if you have been the victim of theft at no cost to you.

Let’s not limit this to diamond switching; I know that most everyone watching this has tile flooring somewhere in their home.

Chipped diamond

Did you know that dropping your diamond on the tile flooring can break the diamond! If you drop your diamond and it changed in appearance, call for a fee consultation and I will be able to tell you if your diamond has encountered any damage.

If it has changed, we will do another appraisal, subtract the difference and now you have the easiest jewelry claim ever for your insurance company.

We provide this service because of accurate description and digital photograph printed in our comprehensive appraisal document. With our appraisal you will know that all of your jewelry’s important details and attributes of value are documented so we can fight to make sure your replacement is matching in quality!

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