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All services are governed by the industry’s leading recognized diamond grading system of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).

It is important to insist on a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) for your jewelry appraisal. GIA is the gold standard of gemology and should be the corner stone of all practicing jewelry appraisers. A qualified appraiser is one that meets the following criteria:

A jewelry appraiser has completed years of intense and rigorous training to achieve their current status.

A Graduate Gemologist, or G.G., can only be placed after a persons named that has completed the full Graduate Gemologist program by the Gemological Institute of America. The Graduate Gemologist courses include the following classes: Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Color Stone Essentials, Color Stones and Gem Identification. Only after all of these courses are completed will a person be referred to as a Graduate Gemologist. For many people in the industry, GIA is the gold standard and their certificates are held above all others.

For a person to have earned the ISA AM after their name, they must have been practicing in their field for a minimum of 5 years and be able to demonstrate knowledge in that field. For example a Graduate Gemologist diploma is sufficient as the demonstration for ISA, and completed the Core Course in appraisal writing fundamentals. This is the important component of being an appraiser that teaches you to write the appraisal. Many consider G.G. to be sufficient, but for a professional appraiser both qualifications must be achieved.

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Jeffrey Maurer is a well-known jewelry appraiser in DFW metroplex, delivering the most detailed and descriptive appraisal found in the Metroplex. He appraises jewelry for local jewelry stores, such as Gordon Jewelers, Samuel's Jewelers, and Bailey Banks and Biddle, to name a few.

Jeffrey’s credentials include a Master Graduate Jeweler degree, which affords him the wisdom to know precisely what goes into making a particular piece of jewelry. Furthermore his 15 years in industry experience enable him to evaluate jewelry’s workmanship, making sure that your jewelry piece has been properly crafted.

The Need for Professional Appraisals

Insurance appraisals are the most common. Jeffrey frequently hears from a client about a robbery down the street, and they are now realizing how important it is to have their jewelry appraised by an expert.

With the popularity of internet purchasing, appraisals take on even greater importance. An experienced independent gemologist-appraiser can verify that diamonds and other jewelry match the certification or appraisal that accompany them. Here are some other common reasons for a detailed jewelry appraisal:

Appraisals performed by the jeweler that sold them can be done ethically, but only if it is appraised for the amount of the purchase. To sell the item for one amount and then appraise it for a higher value is a conflict of interest. The sales person is giving the impression that the item is more valuable than it really is worth.

Insurance companies frequently view an appraisal done by the jewelry store that sold them the item as insufficient justification of value. The appraisal may be looked at like a template for replacement. If the appraisal that you have turned into the insurance company is poorly described, and if the person assigned to the claim (in the situation that it is lost or stolen) has nothing to go on, imagine how poorly this ring is going to be replaced!

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Atlas professional appraisals contain a detailed description, color photograph showing all item detail, colors, clarities, carat weight legal description, value, plot when applicable and everything else that will affect the value of the items value. Diamonds over 1.00 carat are plotted, exceptions apply. Click here to see a sample appraisal.

Our business motto is, “Upholding a World of Values”; which is your guarantee, that as the appraiser, we will perform the appraisal free of bias and we will operate under a completely independent manner and without any outside financial interests.

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