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Learn what every consumer needs to know about Jewelry Appraisals and why only an appraisal from a qualified graduate gemologist insures that your assets are properly protected. Learn more…

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Learn everything important about your jewelry and obtain an accurate value of your precious items. Learn More…

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Jewelry Appraisers must complete years of intense and rigorous training. Protect your investment by choosing an experienced GIA Graduate Gemologist to appraise your jewelry. Learn more…

Expect more than just the discretion and value of a certain piece of jewelry.

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Our method of appraising is far more in depth when compared to industry standards, you will quickly recognize our passion in making your appraisal nothing but the very best.

Our credentials include a Graduate Gemologist complimented by over 15 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

All appraisals and services comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) and by the industry’s leading recognized diamond grading system of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Diamond Grading Scale.

Because of his 15 years of industry experience, he is capable of evaluating the jewelry’s craftsmanship, making sure that your jewelry piece has been accurately recorded, the point of value documented with every detail and attributes that define its value.

Without an accurate and proper evaluation, you may never be able to recover a substantial loss.

Our documents are accepted by major insurance companies, premiere auction houses, estate and probate attorneys and in court situations.

  • Retail Replacement Appraisal
  • Fair Market Valuation for Estate, Taxation, or Equitable Distribution
  • Damage Assessment Valuation for Insurance and Capital Loss
  • Donation Valuation for Charitable Giving
  • Forensic Gemological Analysis for Resolution of Legal Issues

It is always better to hire a professional now than to find out later that your investment is not properly protected.

Jeffery Maurer, GIA

A professional and experienced jewelry appraiser has completed years of intense and rigorous training to achieve their current status. If you want to learn everything important about your jewelry and discover the greatest and most accurate value of your precious items, search for a licensed appraiser and do not be afraid to ask for references from some of their satisfied clientele.

The first step in protecting yourjewelry investment

It is your responsibility to provide your insurance company with the required appraisals. Verify with your insurance company how often they require an appraisal in order for the insurance to remain valid. You might be tempted to use the appraisal that was given to you by the store that sold it to you. However, by definition, isn't that a conflict of interest to sell something and then appraise it for another price?

Atlas Jewelry Appraisals, one of the Dallas - Fort Worth area top appraisers, guarantees that your appraisal will be free of any conflict of interest.

Scheduling an Appointment

We meet our clients at our New Southlake Office, just two blocks east of Southlake Town square, and across from Anderson's Furniture on Westwood.

1721 East Southlake Boulevard, Suite 130
Southlake, Texas 76092

Single items and small groups are examined in your presence at one of our three metroplex offices. Large collections can be examined in the comfort of your home or bank safety deposit areas. Fees are not based on value, but the number of items being appraised. Our fees start at $120 for the first item, $110 for the second item and $100 for every item after that. We negotiate significant discounts for larger collections and can travel to your location for an additional fee.

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Appraisals are by appointment to insure an uninterrupted time to gather information and photograph your jewelry. You do not leave your jewelry with us unless you choose to do so. Single items and small groups are examined in your presence. Call us at 817.403.1278 or Click to send us an email...

Appraisals are $120 for the first item with discounts for multiple items.Please note our new pricing effective January 1 2017

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