The Appraisal Experience: Our Goal is to ensure your comfort through the entire process.

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll relax and enjoy a beverage while we discuss why you want the jewelry appraised. This will help you understand the value and resource our appraisal offers and to ensure it meets your needs. We take as much time as necessary to thoroughly answer each of your questions and keep you informed of every option.  

We appraise your jewelry while you watch. However, when you have several pieces and prefer to leave them in our care you’ll receive a written description uniquely identifying each piece.   We will show you identifying characteristics, under the microscope using Jeffery’s new state of the art microscope that allows customers to view exactly what is seen under the microscope on a computer screen. 

When you pick up your pieces; we positivity identify each piece to you, so you are confidant it’s the same piece.

During the appraisal we will start by cleaning the jewelry.  After inspecting its condition, advise about any needed repairs.  The gemstones and metals materials are identified before we measure and estimate gemstone weights based on volumetric formulas.  Next your gemstones are graded based on industry quality scales based on the color, clarity and cut.  We determine your gemstones are treated, and how they affect value. The final step in identifying each gemstone is to render a diagram of characteristics of diamonds weighing more than 1.00 carat.

The final step in the process is to measure the dimensions of your jewelry and specify how they were made.  We locate and identify trademarks and examine the piece for virtues that contribute to value and finally photograph the jewelry.

Atlas professional appraisals contain a detailed description, color photograph showing all item detail, colors, clarities, carat weight legal description, value, plot when applicable and everything else that will affect the value of the items value. Diamonds over 1.00 carat are plotted, exceptions apply. Click here to see a sample appraisal.

Our business motto is, “Upholding a World of Values”; which is your guarantee, that as the appraiser, we will perform the appraisal free of bias and we will operate under a completely independent manner and without any outside financial interests.

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