The Value and Purpose of a Comprehensive Appraisal

Think of an appraisal as the template and guide your insurance company will use to help establish the replacement value of your jewelry item. Simple appraisals consisting of two or three short sentences are happily accepted by insurance companies because there are few details that establish the criteria for a replacement. The real value of my appraisal the detail. My appraisal is filled with information that properly defines your jewelry item and affects it's value.

It's hard to not notice such a huge difference.

Trust atlas jewelry appraisals to document all of your jewelry's important details and attributes of value so we can fight to make sure your replacement is matching in quality!


Professional jewelry appraisals include:

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Insurance Appraisals

The value is written for the date of value stated in the cover document. As recommended by many insurance companies, an appraisal needs to be updated every 3-5 years to properly document a natural fluctuation in price and view any possible damage to the mounting or gems.